About Classic Wax Vintage

At Classic Wax Records & Vintage, our mission is to breath new life into the past while pioneering a sustainable future. We are dedicated to curation a unique collection of Vintage Clothing that celebrates individuality, history and Eco-consciousness. Our commitment is twofold

1. Timeless Style* We believe in the enduring beauty and quality of Vintage Garment's, our mission is to unearth the most exceptional pieces from Vintage to recent high end designer collections each telling it's own story and offering timeless style to your wardrobe.

2. Environmental Responsibility* Classic Wax Records & Vintage is driven by a deep respect for our planet. By choosing Vintage Clothing you're not just embracing Style, you're making an Eco-Friendly choice that reduces waste, conserves resources and minimizes your carbon footprint.

Join us in re defining fashion and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of Style, one Vintage piece at a time.