Meet The Team


Steve B MD, Chief Vinyl Buyer, Dub Vendor & Men's Clobber Sourcer 

My passion for Vinyl Records was born in the 80s, my journey intertwined with the emergence of Hip-Hop and House Music. Inspired by legends like Public Enemy, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, and the groundbreaking Wu-Tang Clan, the underground beats became my anthem.

Venturing into London and Bristol’s Hip-Hop clubs, friendships flourished. This era not only defined my vinyl obsession but also marked the beginning of a lifelong bond with fashion. Starting with Ralph Lauren in my late teens, my style evolved, embracing the iconic Destroy label by John Richmond & Moto King by Michiko Koshino and British-made fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood, Nick Coleman, The original team behind "The Duffer of St George" and Nigel Cabourn during the UK’s House Music and Rave Culture explosion in the early ’90s.

An English born spirit led me to appreciate British-made fashion, influenced by the rave culture’s onset. As the scene evolved it partnered with Terrace Culture and the emergence of Stone Island became prominent, embodying the rebellious spirit and unique style of the era. This cultural shift left an indelible mark on England in the ’90s.

As the rave culture evolved from Hardcore into Jungle and then to Garage so to did the uniforms of those that lead the UK Club Scene, Destroy moved aside for Moschino and Gucci adorned the scene, it became clear that my journey was more than just about music and fashion; it was a fusion of influences, friendships, and the casually obsessed spirit that defined an era.